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Dota 2 Bets

Established in 2003 DotA map turned out so successful that after six years of its underlying concept led to the emergence of a full-fledged single game - Dota 2, the rates which make people rich around the world, however, about everything in order.

Dota 2 games bets

The basic idea of ​​the second dots is so skillfully managing his hero and cooperate with allies to destroy the heroes protected the enemy base towers and heroes enemies. During the battles everyone present on the battlefield heroes It improves their skills and opens up a previously unavailable ability that makes the gameplay more exciting and It may lead to the declination of the balance of power in either direction at any time.

Dota 2 has surpassed the success of its pre-image - the map DotA. After only a couple of weeks after the release of the second bunker became One of the most popular disciplines in eSports. About experienced teams like Evil Geniuses, Na'Vi, Virtus Pro or Vici Gaming legends, and the status of their players in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, in addition to direct participation in the game, there is another way to make a Dota 2.

Like any other network game, Dota 2 became the basis for the formation of all sorts of sweepstakes. However, unlike the majority of games where the outcome of the round in most cases clear within a few minutes after the start, watching of the play in the second bunker players very rarely advance to understand whether the bet, the bunker 2 - game unpredictable. In many ways it is the feeling of adrenaline causes people to bet on the bunker. However, the skillful approach it is possible to bet on Dota 2 with virtually no risk!

History knows a lot of players that have increased his fortune in the tens of times due to service dota 2 bets, but all of them always had a fallback plan - Exchange Rates on things. The idea is that the money put in half, one part in bookmaker and the other on duffel Exchange. In case of a win. Bookmaker pays real money, in the case of loss - Exchange unfortunate things gives players the unique things that way, you can often sell for large sum.

Our portal is a service dota 2 betting site, that is, in effect, betting Contra. We are not giving away unique game items, however, the right to bet on our service promises you increase your wealth.

We have a number of advantages over similar services:

A large audience provides us with a steady flow of funds, which in turn leads to the possibility of permanent payments to the winners on our side;

Easy registration contributes to a permanent increase above the audience;

You can login through social networking widget, or steam-account;

In addition to the second dots, we take bets on the results of many other games that allow you to experience good luck even if Dota 2 bored.