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What is Internet betting on electronic game sport or in other words e sport bets? This salary, permanent and great potential! The basis of the earnings rate form, sports betting on the sport games on the Internet.

*sporting events can be both real and virtual. first, the same football that we are looking for tv, boxing, tennis, etc. the second - a network game in which, as a rule, a team fighting against gamers another. the most popular online games are considered to cs: go, dota 2 and wow. in these games, and the like has its own rules. the main thing - do not use cheats to make the game fair. these games are so popular among gamers that the rate of type esports bets have become very popular.*

*esports has a large number of fans and even their premiums, for example esports award, which is awarded for excellence advances in electronic games. the most popular players in the wr3ft or cs is often more popular than many famous athletes. hundreds of thousands of people watching their performances at different tournaments. and those people who engage in sports betting, there were a new type of bet - e-sport bets. after all, why not try to cash in on triumph or failure of your favorite competitive players?*

Method earnings on e sport bets fairly simple. For example, held a contest for CS: GO between Russia and Finland. The player needs to explore all the details about these commands. In particular, we are talking about statistics, composition, etc. After a comparative analysis and view factors for these teams need to decide to whom to deliver. Income will be fully depend on so well the player bets. If all goes well, it could be main job, not additional income or way to raise adrenaline.

With the popularization of network games grow and prize money. For example, competition DreamHack Valencia (And this is not the biggest tournament) will be awarded 40 thousand dollars. If any dark horse with odds 10 make apset, then someone can make good money. For example, putting on the team before games just $ 100, you can make a thousand.

What is the site selected for the betting type esport bet? They are in RuNet abound, but what to choose? Moreover, where there are plenty of sporting events, a low margin of bookmakers and many ways to input / output of money. These criteria are fully consistent