On the sidelines of DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016. Player pronax from the Swedish team GODSENT gave an interview

13 April 2016

This is a trend, when the teams leave the well-known brands, and create their own team with its own monetization. Astralis, is now GODSENT. Player Markus Wallsten or just pronax told how they created a team and about his plans for the future.

At the end of the tournament ESL One Cologne 2015 players Fnatic flusha, jw and pronax become Top 3 pro-gamers who have earned more than anyone else in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to write in thick wikis about the player pronax: "It is known for its special flair to read an opponent at a very high level." In the 24 years Marcus earned 198 thousand dollars in 82 official tournaments, among them 543 dollars - up to 18 years of age. 2 years in the most famous CSGO team - Fnatic and 9 trophies Premier-tournaments - it's already behind the player. And ahead - GODSENT own team and own special path in eSports.

Achievements pronax of his playing career

Now Marcus Walst - the captain and co-founder GODSENT. And to some it may seem that the famous player Fnatic went to the "bottom", but a gamer himself says that his own brand in eSports - that's what he was looking for all the previous years. The Swedish team GODSENT was founded on April 4 this year. After unconvincing game with Natus Vincere 11:16 GODSENT captain found time for an interview.

- You have created their own organization, such as Astralis, and a co-owner, along with Toms Martin. Can you tell us a little bit more why you went in this direction? How different is your eSports organization from others?

Create my own brand - that's what I did and what I was thinking for the past many years. But that was not possible before, or I felt that the time was not yet ripe.

As for why we went in that direction - it is because we believe that we can manage to succeed. And when we do it, the benefits are much greater than if we were joined to another well-known brand. And because we as players are actively involved in the organization, each team member has a little more freedom to communicate with his fans and publish content in the public sphere.

Rene "cajunb" Borg and the other members of Astralis during the IEM Season X World Championships Katowice. They were the top news when left Team SoloMid and formed its own brand.

- You have the same approach in the signing of the contract and salaries as well as at Astralis?

We are honest and innovative contracts, where each player will have the chance to not only raise the level of organization, but also to be part of the organization. For example, we plan to introduce personal sponsorship packages for the players.

- Let's talk about DreamHack Masters Malmö. You were bootcamp right before the tournament starts, you have learned something new?

We conducted its first bootcamp and it was really cool. We decided a lot of big and small problems in our gameplay. We still have room for further improvement of the game, but we believe that ahead of us a bright future.

- What are the common expectations of the tournament as a whole? How much influence factor "native soil" (the Swedish team GODSENT playing in Sweden)?

Since then, both teams started playing in bands, "native soil" is already not such a big influence, I think so. If we come out of their group and get on the big arena, it is possible to change all Swedish fans!

- What are your expectations for the future?

We hope that this will be a good experience for us. And our expectations - to make sure that our fans will get GODSENT stickers to the next Major!

Yuri Donchenko