Natus Vincere has shifted Fnatic from the first place of CSGO-team's ratings.

19 April 2016

At the end of the tournament in the Swedish city of Malmo DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 changed ratings CSGO-teams at two major sites HLTV and ESL. Fnatic, who missed the tournament due to a problem with a hand in leading player Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer, dropped from first place directly on the 2 position and is now the third in the ranking of HLTV and the second on the ESL portal. The first place the best Counter-Strike team: Global Offensive was the Natus Vincere team .

Top 20 best Conter-Strike teams by HLTV-version

Navi Team ESL rating takes first place in the last half of the year with 2,315 points, and the second a longer analysis in the club ranking - for the previous 1 year games. In the first place the club rankings were fighters from Fnatic.

The top 10 teams in ESL CSGO version.

Recall that the team is "Born to Win" received silver medals and 50 thousand dollars for the victory in the tournament in Sweden. Ninjas in Pyjamas, who won the tournament on home soil with the first place, up to 2 lines and now ranks 5th in both well-known rankings. They pushed for the same two lines of the Russian club ranking Virtus.Pro by victory in Quarterfinal 2: 0. The Russians are in seventh place in both calculations.

Also significantly strengthened their positions on the team TyLoo 35 points and GODSENT - +19. In the ranking of HLTV and ESL-in table, the Chinese are now at the 15th place.

Sweden's Godsent, which gathered under the banners of the former Fnatic players Marcus pronax Walst headed, was assembled into a single team on April 4 of this year and has already shown good results. After all, they are in 12th place on the amount of HLTV indicators and 14th in the ESL-version! Still, the decision not to go under the well-known brands, and create your own - was correct. It is proved by the example of GODSENT and Astralis.

But the most major defeat in the "Table of Ranks" was lowering Faze Clan team. She sat down on the line and now on the 18th place in the ranking of HLTV. Recall that the former team G2 Esports unlucky for the fifth consecutive tournament. And at DreamHack Masters Malmö in 2016 without much honor they ranked last in fourth place in Group D, not winning a single game, and left the tournament.

Ukrainian team FlipSid3 Tactics left the Top 20 in the calculations HLTV. ESL gives the guys a chance and put them in 18th place.

Another popular rating - Thorin's CS: GO Top 10 World Rankings has not updated data until after DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016.

Recall that today, April 19, at 21.00 in Moscow will be held the next match of the 8th week of the qualifying tournament in the ESL Pro League Season 3 European region - Europe. It Natus Vincere will play against Fnatic. Watch live broadcasts and bet on winners portal, because your eyes going eSports history!

Yuri Donchenko