Interview with Vici Gaming's CEO: I never thought that the Chinese team - the best in the world.

24 April 2016

Sports organization Vici Gaming - one of the world's prestigious eSports. It was founded in 2012 and is known mainly due to the division DOTA 2. However, there are Vici Gaming Counter-Strike team: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone and others. CEO of the company Lu "HunTeR" Wenjun, who works for the good of the team in the Chinese e-sports for more than ten years, was interviewed. HunTeR to Vici Gaming has worked in Management Team WE and MarsTV and perfectly knows the specifics of the Chinese and the world of eSports firsthand and from different perspectives.

This year the team Vici Gaming segment in League of Legends took the 5-6-th place in the Chinese league LPL, and DOTA team has been completely shuffled after Shanghai Major. Lou "HunTeR" Wenjun gave a more detailed assessment of VG in the Chinese league, showed the latest game events from the different parties in e-sports, including in the international context, he spoke about the culture of Chinese streaming, which is different from the West, and the growth of CSGO popularity in China.

VG.LOL does not meet expectations and busy places at the last tournament in 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs. What do you think about your responsibility as a CEO in this situation?

- My managers and coaches in League of Legends had managed. Even when the tournament began, I spoke with each sponsor. I usually meet with sponsors and say: "You have to sponsor us we will perform very well.!" But if we fail, then I will talk with my sponsor and trying to convince them. Each team needs money to pay the players and the management.

Yesterday I spoke with all the players in League of Legends that we played not very good. I asked: "What do you think why the team is so bad you want to leave it?" In these cases, I talked to them not as a manager, but their friend or brother.

We talked in a very friendly manner. They told me everything. I spoke with Easyhoon about it for an hour yesterday. "What do you want? What do you want me to do for you or the team?" I spoke personally with each, especially with my players and the head coach Homme.

Yoon "Homme" Sung-young, head coach VG.LOL

So, you feel a sense of ownership and the importance to the team as it stands is not very good?

- I think that my Korean head coach feels more pressure than I am. Pressing me only when I come to my sponsors. My sponsors can say: "Your team played not well. Maybe we will pay less next season.."

I pay my coach well, so he can feel bad if the team can not cope. Each high pressure, but I think that the coach most.

In general, do you think the Chinese team worse, and the western is better?

- I think the 50-to-50. I just think that the Chinese team is not worse, but they have not played in full force. The Korean team is still the best in the world. I think that the Chinese and Western teams are about equal.

Hun or Heo Seung-hoon. Korean player, who plays as a top-liner in the team Immortals (US)

Nobody knew Huni, while he was in Korea. Or Doinb from Qiao Gu Reapers. In China Doinb played very well and became known. In China, I think the young players do not see e-sports job as a pro-gamer. Perhaps they think, "I can play and earn money." In Korea, they think, "That's my job." We need to change that. In China we have a lot of money.

What else would you like to say to your Western fans?

- Thank you, my sponsors. I also want to say that Vici Gaming is one of the best teams in the League of Legends in the world. I do not know when that day will come, maybe a year later, but I'm sure of it. It's like saying "Veni, vidi, vici", we will conquer all.

Yuri Donchenko