ESL and MTG launch 24/7 eSports TV channel.

27 April 2016

To the delight of all fans of eSports, ESL announced the launch of a new TV channel in the format 24/7, entirely dedicated eSports. Recall that in July 2015 a controlling stake in the parent company Turtle Entertainment bought the media giant Modern Times Group (MTG). Turtle Entertainment GmbH, in addition to the ESL, also owned Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). As noted in the official address, "a new television channel will work side-by-side with ESL partners such as Twitch, Hitbox, Azubu and Yahoo!".

The new channel launch is scheduled for May 2016. It is planned to broadcast a daily 24 hours of competition and European tournaments eSports League Electronic Sports League (ESL). For now it is known that the ground for the new channel Viasat platform will become the parent company of MTG. also negotiating with distributors and vendors about the cooperation in the field of media broadcasts.

In the league of eSports ESL - more than 100 million "digital" audience. Each year, ESL translates more than 2000 hours of game content. By the end of next year, it is expected to cover the ESL 2 billion 250 million gamers and eSports fans.

MTG plans to transfer the image to the new channel esportsTV on their satellite sites in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

"We have always dreamed of, to make eSports most popular sport in the world and this possibility is feasible and brings us closer to the embodiment of our dreams and broadcasting new content to a large number of screens worldwide -.. The key to further accelerate the growth and . We can see the popularity of eSports his special mission - to reach out to every gamer in the world. "

ESL Managing Director Ralf Reichert

At the same time CEO of MTGx Arnd Benningoff and Peter Nørrelund (CEO of MTG Sport) gave the following comment on the joint announcement of the new channel for competitive players and their fans esportsTV:

"This is - a fantasy, because in this way eSports can cover ever wider audience in a global sense eSports -. Is a global sport, which is played throughout the year and so we have a lot of material to broadcast this channel is full. It built on the awareness and the growth of gaming-community. And we want to make more content available and so many screens as we can. "

Yuri Donchenko