How to win the Global StarCraft League. Interview with Zest

02 May 2016

After winning the tournament in StarCraft II 2016 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S Zest received 33,840 dollars and 4,000 points WCS Korea Points. Today, the player Joo Sung Wook occupies the second place ranking in 2016 StarCraft II World Championship Series Korea: Standings with 4200 points. Pro-gamers 23 years old, he is full of strength, hope and the will to win.

- How do you feel after winning the tournament?

It is with this final I had my own problems. For a long time people had a certain image of me that I supposedly always lose when I play against a member of his team. Tim-keel in the final is really hard. But I have reached its objectives by releasing their feelings, and achieved good results.

- It must be quite difficult to prepare for such an ending?

We both TY and I'm ready for the finale by his teammates one by one member of the team. I trained with jjakji, and TY - with Stats. We joked a lot during the preparation for our match. We could hear something like this: "Hey, why are you so hard you work?"

- Are you lost in the first game after the TY aggression.

During the first game I said as TY good use of the card. My mind was blown and I was on the verge of what is felt by anyone, not only Zest. But in the second game, I was ready to prevent those incidents.

- You won the second game easily enough.

That strategy I used was completely formulated my partner jjakji alone. Using the prism of curvature and composition of the units, which was necessary, and even the construction of the order itself all this possible, as I listened to the advice of jjakji. He gave me a really big help.

- You are faced with a lot of Terrans at this tournament. TY was the best of them?

After playing with TY today, I realized once again how serious rival was TY. He TY, I knew it all the time in the course of training, was not thereby TY, who played in the final. When TY is changing in front of camera, especially in the final stage of the tournament, it becomes more than elegant.

- What was the deciding factor?

As I recall, it was the second game. I lost the best first game and was about to lose the second. If I lost the second game, then I would become someone other than the Zest. But I decided to play it strategically, straining all his mental qualities and thus seized the moment.

- Were you able to say anything TY after all that has happened?

We had very little time to talk. I just let him know that he has done his job very well, and also said that I think that I was very close to losing, because he played very well the first game.

- Something you want to say?

I would never have wanted to be exposed to note Killy again. I want to express my gratitude to our manager and coach, thanks to my mother, my family and my friends, who have come here from very distant lands to support me. I find in myself more and more strength, because my fans have supported me. And finally, after the victory in the championship, I want to become such Zest, to be able to fly to all new heights.

Yuri Donchenko