New Fantasy League on StarCraft II from the company

05 May 2016 team has made a huge leap - for the first time on the market, we have developed a new Fantasy League for StarCraft II. This is a unique league, which has no analogues. Analytics and Modeling project has provided a well-known streamer Alex007.

In the debut project of the tournament Dreamhack Austin, which will begin on May 6, users of the portal are invited 3 League format:

"Tournament" or Classic with a $ 10 entry fee
"Tournament" or Classic with a $ 1 entry fee
"Tournament" or Classic with 50 CM entry fee (Cyber Money - game currency)

In order to play you have to choose 5 StarCraft II players from all teams Dreamhack Austin tournament:

Protoss 1 (P)
Zerg 1 (Z)
Terran 1 (T)
2 extra players Flex

Each player has his price, or "salary". You have $ 25 in the "bank" to pay the salaries to the players.

Rules Scoring:

+2 points for a win in the Group stage
-1 point for a loss
+3 points for each win in Playoff games

At the tournament in 2016 DreamHack Open: Austin with a prize budget of $ 50 thousand dollars will play the best 32 players from all over the world. This is the first tournament of the series on the American continent!

The tournament with the rank of Premier Americas will be held in the server version of the game Legacy of the Void. Offline-matches will take place at the Austin Convention Center stage from 6 to 8 May.

The distribution of the prize pool:

Games format:

Round 32, Round of 16, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals - Bo5
Final - Bo7

Play for eSports portal - fun and profitable. You train your brain and earn on their knowledge. Our company - is a place on the Internet where monetization, knowledge and passion are balanced optimally.

Yuri Donchenko