Interview with the best CSGO player Nikola NiKo Kovac. "All they see is the points in the table of results"

13 May 2016

The most authoritative analyst Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Duncan «Thorin» Shields believes that despite the injury of a Fnatic's player Olofmeister and Natus Vincere's player Ladislav GuardiaN Kovacs, still Nikola NiKo Kovač - is the best player in the world. Here, as if Duncan opposes rating on HLTV, which Olofmeister and GuardiaN occupy a leading position on the results of the entire 2015. Incidentally, in the 20-ke Top players from the 2015 HLTV our hero Nikola NiKo Kovac not at all.

ESports star from Bosnia and Herzegovina is only 19 years old and he is already almost a year playing the Rifle positions on the mousesports team (Germany). At that time, he and his companions break down stereotypes on the team and go to a new level, his friends do not seem to get a decent recognition.

"I do not like people talking about them, they do not see how they affect the game All that they see -.. is the points in the table of results."

The German team is often adds to the excitement early exits from the group rounds. But at the last Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2016 Sweden guys managed to cope with the 'rock past tournaments "and go to the Playoffs.

- During group matches commentators have noticed that you guys seem to be fighting each other, while the other team having fun and laughing. Something happened in the team?

We've had some conversations during the match against Team Liquid, but we talked about it later and everything was okey. Just when we make a lot of mistakes, we begin to discuss in-command. This is bad and we are trying to do them in such numbers for us in the future.

"I think it was a big step for us to go Group games at Dreamhack Masters Malmö in 2016, and now it will be much easier in future tournaments. It's a matter of psychology. The pressure on this issue no longer exists."

About a year ago, mousesports for the first time presented a "Bosnian star." In NiKo it had a promising name and now is the time to shine on the world stage.

"It was the first step in my career, it's really big and important step, and I'm glad I did it. And this despite the fact that my English was very bad."

Since then, NiKo received many commendable recommendations and evaluations from experts and fans. Some (Duncan «Thorin» Shields, for example) even say that he has the most real chance to become the best CSGO-player in the world.

With the star position NiKo also notes that his teammates do not get enough attention from fans and the community of experts.

- What do you think of this community with respect to your comrades?

I do not like the way they talk about my colleagues. They do not see their effect in the game. All they see is a points and a table of results. I do not like it and I try to work in a team, saying that they were not paying attention. People need to understand the game and the unique role of each player in each match. Those.! Do not judge a pro-gamer only on statistics, guys!

The best moments of the game by NiKo.

Yuri Donchenko