At the end of 2016 eSports audience reach of 1 billion people

15 May 2016

According to research firm Newzoo, which specializes in e-sports, the general awareness of the e-sports by the end of 2016 will amount to more than 1 billion people. This is 36% more than in the past in 2015. The company conducted its study on the results of the month of April in 16 countries around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia. At the same time, awareness of e-sports gamers increased from 54% to 66% in 2016.

The dynamics of growth of eSports audience in 2015-2019

At the top of the charts shows that the 2019 general awareness of e-sports will be nearly 1.6 billion people. At the same time the audience or regular fan of eSports fans will grow from 115 million to 215 million people. By the end of 2016 the total audience of casual fans of eSports and regular will be 262 million people.

If we look at the regional section, we can see that by the end of 2016. The largest share of people who know "what e-sports" will give us China (28%). Another 22% - it is the Europeans. 15% of people of all North Americans will know about e-sports. The reasons for audience growth in Asia and especially in China, are investing in infrastructure, and the prize fund of the tournament eSports in the region.

The reason for the rapid growth of e-sports experts say the audience, among other output tournaments on television mainstream platforms. Our attentive readers site know how to penetrate the media market giants Turner (TBS), Yahoo! (ESPN), BBC.

Among the audience viewership data and event tournaments eSports in individual countries is to provide South Korea (where eSports - this is the national sport), Turkey, Spain and Poland. In these countries, the researchers noted the greatest popularity of eSports. In South Korea, it can be noted a shift Audience Award from the StarCraft II game to predominantly League of Legends. And in Turkey, the total audience of fans and occasional lovers to see online games are even higher than in Korea - 4.9 million against 4.2. portal team contributes to the development and popularization of e-sports in the switchgear zone and on its English-speaking users. In particular, we have launched a new project on the Fantasy League from, where you can compete in determining the best fantasy team of a tournament. You only need to select the preferred player 7 (no more than 2 out of 1 team). keeps a pulse on the hand of modern eSports!

Yuri Donchenko