The story with the acquisition of the rights of ESPN to broadcast tournaments League of Legends will be continued

24 May 2016

A day earlier, one online source told ESPN on the acquisition of broadcasting rights tournaments League of Legends organizer and developer Riot Games for $ 500 million. Following this, both the helper article hastened to deny even the possibility of such negotiations. However, the speed of response, the amount of the transaction and the issues of acquisition of rights to broadcast eSports deserve attention to our readers and users system know about it in detail.

On May 23 online edition of PVP Live, which specializes in e-sports, published news of the sale of rights to broadcast tournaments League of Legends of ESPN. The transaction amount - tremendous - $ 500 millions!

Many experts were quick to compare this possible deal with this, when in 2012, ESPN acquired the rights to broadcast football matches in colleges for $ 7.3 billion. This transaction has been calculated at 12 years. Those. for the broadcast of playoff games in the amount of 6 matches per year, ESPN will pay $ 608 million dollars a year.

Despite the increase in audience League of Legends, as evidenced by many marketing agency specializing in e-sports, the developer and hoster Riot Games said the lack of income and a desire to cover the losses with the help of sponsorship packages. In particular such known packages such global companies like Coca-Cola and American Express. But the rumor about a deal with ESPN still has a much greater financial interest.

To understand the scope, it is necessary to compare the two companies.

ESPN - "daughter" of the company Walt Disney Company and its cost reached $ 50 billions in 2014.

Riot Games - all 100% owned by the Chinese company Tencent Games and its revenues amounted to last year's $ 1.5 billions.

It is noteworthy that the news of the purchase of broadcast rights to the League of Legends appeared during the early live broadcasts on cable television TBS tournament of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ELEAGUE of first season.

Yuri Donchenko