Whether ELEAGUE's broadcast live on TBS become successful

01 June 2016

Friday live from ELEAGUE's tournament held in the air Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), and we have the results of this launch. The purpose of one of the organizers of the event was the presentation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the general television audience. Recall that ELEAGUE Season 1 was launched May 24, 2016 in Atlanta, USA. The media part of the project provide Twitch streaming platform on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on the Internet and TV company Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) on Friday night in prime time.

It is time to sum up the interim results of the broadcast and television officials posted at the weekend its media indexes.

"ELEAGUE has a total number of 509,000 viewers during Friday prime time (from 10pm to 11pm), and became the second most discussed program that night at Twitter."

To compare these figures, we need to average the same evening TV slot for the previous shows. As it turned out, the media performance on Friday evening prime (from 23.00 to 01.00) live broadcasts ELEAGUE 3 times (0.21) is lower than the corresponding figures (0.61) for the previous 3 weeks.

"Media-performance live streaming ELEAGUE 3 times (0.21) is lower than the corresponding figures (0.61) for the previous 3 weeks."

Of course, it was the group matches and, certainly, to the playoffs and the finals will be more spectators. Furthermore, TBS officials reported that the total discussion Event "on all platforms" was the most significant compared with other similar esports events.

The platform Twitch peak concurrent streams with ELEAGUE tournament was 92,000, and the average value of simultaneous streams totaled 50,000. This is 2 times higher than the average on this platform for non-majors in e-sports.

You also need to consider the international traffic broadcasts with ELEAGUE on TBS. The tournament was broadcast to more than 80 countries around the world.

ESports TV era is gaining momentum. Broadcast TBS matches ELEAGUE - only the first stage in the revolutionary process.

Yuri Donchenko