Immortals gained CSGO-roster Tempo Storm

02 June 2016

June 1, 2016 in the official Twitter Tempo Storm Team (US-Brazil) announced the sale of the Counter-Strike team: Global Offensive sports organization Immortals (Brazil-USA), which had previously been known for its LOL-lineup.

This is the first expansion team to the Immortals since after was founded League of Legends team in October 2015. In the spring of 2016-LOL team Immortals released in North American leagues LCS Spring Season and won it with the first place. Co-owners of the Immortals are also in the business of the basketball team's Memphis Grizzlies (USA) and rock band Linkin Park.

"Place in the LCS is worth $ 1.5 million. Owner of Tempo Storm"
On the difficult path of Andrei Reynad Yanyuk in League of Legends Business

The Brazilian team Tempo Storm was originally acquired by cyber manager of Ukrainian origin Andrey Reynad Yanyuk in the organization of Games Academy in February this year. As of June 1 new CSGO-roster Immortals takes 9th place in the world ranking teams. In 146 official tournaments Tempo Storm earned $ 426.529 dollars, including $ 150,000 in CSGO.

Top-10 teams CSGO HLTV version on June 1, 2016

Former team Tempo Storm became the property of Immortals all the staff together with coach Rafael "zakk" Fernandes.

Among the achievements of the former Tempo Storm Team 1st place in the tournament: CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 and ESEA Season 21: Premier Division - NA Finals.

Achievements former team Tempo Storm

In the official Immortals team facebook blog's sniper Henrique "HEN1" Teles said:

"We are very happy to join the Immortals. We are getting incredible support from day one. We were never very motivated to achieve our goals to become the best."

CEO's Immortals Noah Whinston:

"There is no more appropriate team for banner Immortals than these young, talented, hungry and passionate players."

Former team owner Andrew Reynad Yanyuk declined to comment on the deal, but said that this does not mean that the Tempo Storm leaves CSGO-scene. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

Yuri Donchenko