How Fnatic has built an eSports empire

06 June 2016

Origin eSports giant begins with Sam Mathews - one of the major players in the digital world. He created Fnatic in 2004, sold his car and invested £ 5,000 in a team that went to Las Vegas for eSports tournament. "It seemed strange at first glance what I have done", - says Sam. "But when the team won 20,000 pounds - it looked not so strange as it seemed UVAU they won.!?". Among gamers Matthews was one of the first to believe in eSports - industry, which now has 290 million fans around the world (which is more than in the NHL - National Hockey League of North America).

Mathews (left) at the World Cyber Games in San Francisco in 2004

Faith Matthews into the future of e-sports industry paid off. Fnatic started with winnings of thousands of dollars in "Quake" and "Painkiller" in 2004 and became one of the brands. Now only income from winnings in the Counter-Strike tournament, DOTA2 and League of Legends is millions of dollars to the sound of a roaring crowd of thousands of fans in the crowded stadiums.

"It is very early realized the potential and the future of eSports Fnatic as a brand," - says CEO Team Fnatic Wouter Sleijffers, who is dressed in a branded sweatshirt with the team logo.

"Now we have a head office in London, we also have offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Belgrade and Kuala Lumpur," - continues Wouter.

Fnatic today is the largest sports organization in the world of e-sports, along with Evil Geniuses, Natus Vincere and SK Telecom T1. The growth of the global eSports market is estimated at approximately US $ 463 million in 2016, and by 2019 will amount to $ 1 billion. Now brand Fnatic - Global, which in addition to the gaming business unit has its gaming computer hardware and corporate clothing.

The man behind the trophy cup - a legend Patrik Carney (Patrik cArn)

Patrik Sättermon - a busy man, but as the head of the gaming department (Chief Gaming Officer) Fnatic always happy to recall the first console - Nintendo of early 90th. As a former professional Counter-Strike player, known by nick "[email protected], 31-year-old manager nicknamed "Alex Ferguson of eSports."

According cArn, his team players train up to 10 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week, and when it is time to relax the Korean contingent teach English and fitness classes for all other members Fnatic.

Future in Fnatic, in spite of everything, - iridescent. After eSports industry revenues are growing at 239% per year, starting in 2014.

As of today sports organization Fnatic takes 6th place in total revenues among esports teams in the world with $ 4,623,613 dollars, won in 563 official tournaments.

Yuri Donchenko