Identity Crisis of Heroes of the Storm

09 June 2016

Rising Star eSports Heroes of the Storm seems currently facing an identity crisis. Suddenly shaded new release Overwatch, MOBA-game already hear the death knell esports disciplines.

Heroes of the Storm was presented in 2010 as a custom map for StarCraft II. It was only later, developers have realized that it can be released as a separate release, adding some features done. Short game timing and simplified mechanics Heroes keeps a balance between casual competitor League of Legends and DOTA 2 eternal.

After the first release of Heroes of the Storm, was launched a full version for professional esports scene twice Blizzard significant investments. The organizers of the big eSports's Event shows, including such as Dreamhack, Intel Extreme Masters and World Cyber Arena, run one after the other tournaments Heroes of the Storm. So there eSports League Heroes of the Storm in China and South Korea, and of course the global championship under the auspices of the Blizzard.

Unfortunately, Heroes and remained secondary game on a professional stage. At the time, as such disciplines as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive literally soared in the past few years, have remained favorite game Heroes of students in tournaments Heroes of the Dorm. And all because of the fact that the developer and hoster decided to position the game Heroes of the Storm for the target audience of students of colleges and universities.

In the appendage of that, the budgets of tournaments apparently did not meet the expectations of applicants. For example, the main DOTA tournament The International suggested that in the year $ 18 million dollars in prize money, and Heroes Global Championship is only $ 500,000.

"Do not remain any more tournament Heroes of the Storm under a different title, than Blizzard. I do not know whether the players will continue to play MVP Black in Heroes of the Storm. You do not earn a lot, even if you win all the international tournaments."
Gwang Bok Kim, MVP Black's Manager

Another player also notes that "a difficult time for HOTS. Blizzard made a terrible campaign in China. The game simply does not have enough talent, or at least advanced gamers. Overwatch cut off a huge chunk of the pie."

"Overwatch cut off a huge chunk of the pie."

In the last year, many teams have got rid of HOTS-roasters, for example, EDG, SK Gaming, G2 Esports and compLexity. Although still many fans of the game remained the illusion that the Heroes of the Storm - a murderer League of Legends, Heroes is similar to the time to say goodbye.

Yuri Donchenko