Over the past 10 months, Twitch has collected more than 800 million hours of viewing by fans of eSports

10 June 2016

Leading marketing agency that specializes in e-sports, trekking study conducted Twitch audience. They took a sample of the audience by the streaming platform over the past 10 months (from August 2015 to May 2016) and weighed the data. It turned out that viewing esports' event takes eSports fans from 803.7 million hours. If these indicators weigh on the shares, this figure occupies from 14% to 31% of all viewing products on Twitch.

View eSports tournament is more than 71% of all esports hours Twitch streaming in this cake leaders RIOT (28%) and ESL (23%).

In terms of months of October 2015 in the lead with 124 million hours of viewing. It was then passed tournaments:

World Championship League of Legends
ESL One New York
MLG World Finals Dota 2

SK Telecom T1 - World Championship 2015 Champions League of Legends

The second highest month since this section of researchers began in August 2015 with 110 million views eSports fans. And then we watched any tournaments lovers electronic mice:

Summer League playoffs regional League of Legends
The International Final 5 (Dota 2)
ESL One Cologne (CS: GO)

Shanghai Major and the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice with 95 million hours in March 2016 took the third place ranking. A "coolest" month, though it is strange but has appeared December 2015 with 49 million hours of views of eSports at Twitch.

The entire array of eSports at Twitch complement both professional and amateur tape drives, which together gave content to 3.2 billion hours.

Riot Games with his World Championship League of Legends - the undisputed leader in viewing on Twitch. ESL tournaments with such hits Intel Extreme Masters and ESL the One gives the second largest percentage of such views in esports games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Hearthstone. ESL - the largest independent producer and hoster of eSports tournaments.

Yuri Donchenko