Almost 5 billion minutes are played in Overwatch!

15 June 2016

From the moment when the official release came out online shooter Overwatch May 24, 2016, the players played 4.9 billion minutes. Also, official sources Blizzard Developer published data on the number of registered players - 9.7 million users. The world of e-sports has long been not remember such stunning results.

Official Twitter Developer Overwatch

If you have not play Overwatch, you are in the minority. The game has reached incredible performance, especially in e-sports. In Developer Blizzard there are many questions that need to be solved: this mode users and cross-platform implementation, and multi-player solutions, but experts and gamers are unambiguous in the estimates - Overwatch - is a hit!

Of course, a paid business model Overwatch, like StarCraft II, - is not the best solution. Many expected that the developer will use the model as a free or Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm. and although the official Blizzard faces now say that they need new heroes (characters), free maps and modes, but it is obvious that things are not so simple.

Another important question for the future of this game - a series of large-scale tournaments eSports. At present, there are some not very big tournaments, which do not affect the big picture. Also, while that is not visible interest in major sporting organizations to the top level of the game Overwatch.

Nevertheless, the developers of this game have released the first update after the release. The changes affected the character Peacemaker, it was reduced recharge time weapons in 2 times from 0.75 to 0.3 seconds, while reducing damage from weapons (also almost in 2 times).


The second major update was to reduce the damage a sniper rifle Widows (from 15 to 12) with an increase in the damage occurred in 2.5 times.


Due to the growing popularity of Overwatch, as noted by local observers in South Korea, there was a reduction in the interest of gamers eSports country to the League of Legends.

Overwatch entered the open market with the May 24, 2016 at the same time on 3 platforms: PC (Windows), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The portal you can bet on Overwatch, and more than a dozen esports games.