Ukrainian team FlipSid3 Tactics signed a legionary

21 June 2016

FlipSid3 Tactics officially declared Finnish player Jan wayLander Rahkonen as an active player in the tournament which started today ELEAGUE Season 1 in Group E. Signing Legionnaire held in April 2016, when Ian played for the team as an alternate. He came to replace Vladislav bondik Nechiporchuk, who stepped into another Ukrainian team HellRaisers.

In Group E ELEAGUE Season 1 FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine) will hold the first match with the German team mousesports. Simultaneously Natus Vincere (also from Ukraine) will put their shooters against Echo Fox (USA). At present, already known 4-team group winners of the tournament:

Luminosity Gaming (Brazil) in Group A
Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden) in Group B
Danes of Astralis in Group C
and Fnatic from Sweden with a long post-treatment an arm Olof olofmeister Kayberom Gustavsson in Group D

wayLander to FlipSid3 Tactics played under the banner of Gambit Gaming (Russia) from January 2016. However, in April, Yang was forced to cut short career as a professional gamer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, since he served in the Finnish army. June 20 official source FlipSid3 Tactics team announced the signing of a Finn.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with respect to Gambit WayLander and are willing to work with him as a major player move forward. A special thanks I would like to express the official representatives for the opportunity to play Gambit in our team reserve before signing the contract"
Dana wuvs Kawar, Chief Operating Officer FlipSid3 Tactics

Yang earned a Rahkonen 9 official tournaments Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $ 9,807 dollars. Together with the team he took FlipSid3 Tactics 7-8-th place in the tournament StarLadder i-League Invitational # 1 in May 2016, and successfully qualified for ESL One: Cologne 2016.

Achievements of Jan Rahkonen in 2016

Team FlipSid3 Tactics now occupies the 131 place with $ 127.306 dollars in the ranking of the most profitable teams in the world. The bookmakers ranking among the world CSGO-F3 teams in 23 place.

The current roster of FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine)

You still have time to take part in the Fantasy League of in 12 leagues ELEAGUE Season 1 Group E.

Yuri Donchenko