Team Empire signed a coach for Dota 2 composition

22 June 2016

Egor "JotM" Surkov is now coach of the Russian organization "Team Empire", and it will engage with the players Dota 2 composition. Recall brief eSports career Egor. Previously, he played in many teams: Team Empire, and others. Most notable was the precisely the "bears", there just Egor took the role of captain. However, after the Death of disappointing results has decided to leave the team and take a temporary rest. Thereafter, he continued to play, but already on such a professional level. I played with different qualifying rounds and qualifying for the championships, but significant progress Yegor not won. Soon his former timeyt, namely Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov decided to invite him to the studio RuHub, analytics matches on discipline Dota 2.

Yegor showed itself from the analysis of a very fit perfectly predicted the choice of one or another of the characters and was probably one of the best analysts in the Dota 2 RuHub. This afternoon there is information about the list of talent from the studio, where we did not see Yegor "JotM" Surkov. After a few minutes in one of its social networking Egor described the reason for such a decision, "JOTM" decided to pursue a career in "Team Empire", it will help "Imperials" to break into the major championship of the year in the discipline Dota 2 - The Intertnational 6. Recall that June 25 will start the European regional selection, the following groups can be seen in the participants list: "Vega Squadron", "The Alliance", "", "FlipSId3", "Ad Finem", "Escape Gaming (ex-No Diggity)" , "Power Rangers" and "team Empire", however, to be joined by two other teams - the winners of the open qualification.

The composition of the Team Empire is as follows:

Roman "Scandal" Sadotenkov

Roman "RAMZES" Kushnarev

Basil "Afterlife" Shishkin

Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydenov

Rinat "KingR" Abdullin

Egor "JotM" Surkov (coach)