SK-Gaming organization was left without a CS: GO-ended

22 June 2016

The German organization "SK-Gaming" reported that she said goodbye to their CS: GO-team. Recall that this line-up was completed by December 8, when the team joined Jacob "Pimp" Vinneche. Earlier, a Danish player defended the banner of the organization "Dignitas" but decided to pursue a career in the composition of "SK". Then the composition decided to stay in this top five: Michael «Friis» Jørgensen, Asger «AcilloN» Larsen, Emil «MagiskB0Y» Rafe, Andreas «MODDI» Freed, Jacob «Pimp» Vinneche. The guys were good at a variety of online qualifiers and qualifications but significant progress they have made.

Later began to appear information, but rather, can be called, is ripe row between the Brazilian quintet "Luminosity Gaming" and management "SK-Gaming". Brazilians have signed a contract with the German organization, but decided to leave everything as before and play it in "LG". This provoked outrage from the organization "SK" they threatened to proceedings before a court, and probably addressed to the company Valve, which is the main organizer of the various leagues in the discipline CS: GO. It is worth noting that in the period from 5 to July 10, Major-start event which received an invitation to the Brazilian Five of "Luminosity Gaming", but there was an interesting question, under what tag guys will be performing at this championship. After it became known German organization said goodbye with his team in the discipline CS: GO.

The last championship for the former composition of the organization "SK-Gaming" started matches in the tournament under the name "ELEAGUE", where the guys were not that bad, having won the third place.

Former composition of "SK-Gaming" is as follows:

Michael «Friis» Jorgensen

Asger «AcilloN» Larsen

Andreas «MODDI» Fried

Emil «MagiskB0Y» Rafe