Team Secret winners of European qualifying for The International 6

23 June 2016

Completed first open the European qualification to The International 6. "Team Secret" became winners after beating in the final "Danish Bears". "Secret" were able to defeat such opponents like: "Team Spirit", "Polarity". It is worth mentioning that after Major-Event - The Manila Major in 2016, "Team Secret" Saahilom said goodbye to the "Universe" Arorra, and in its place came Sam "BulBa" Soseyl. Earlier, Sam played in the team "Evil Geniuses", also served as coach of the American organization "evil geniuses". CAAX "Universe" Arorra back in the "EG".

Accordingly, it is because of these changes, "Team Secret" and "EG" went on the open qualification. It is worth mentioning that the invitation to The International 6, received the following commands: "Natus Vincere", "MVP.Phoenix", "Newbee", "OG", "Team Liquid", "LGD Gaming". By the way about many invites professional players, namely Joakim "Akke" Akteralla - Player "The Alliance" team emerged a lot of questions. The player is very disappointed that the Swedish top five was not invited to the long-awaited championship. However, received an invite to the regional qualifying, where we also see the "Power Rangers", "", "Ad Finem", "FlipSid3", "Team Empire" and "Team Secret" - who became champions open training.

Next qualification begins today, who will be the owner of the notorious and the last slot in the regional qualification will see very soon:

The composition of the "Team Secret":

Sam "BulBa" Soseyl

Clement "Puppey" Ivanov

Arthur "Arteezy" Babayev

Jackie "EternalEnvy" Mao

Johan "pieliedie" Åström