Worst Players announced its CS: GO-composition

23 June 2016

Famous Ukrainian organization - "Worst Players" announced his return to the CS: GO-scene. It is worth recalling that after the Starladder i-League Invitational, where children took place 5-6, losing in the play-off of the Swedish team "GODSENT". I would like to recall the history of the team "WP", as the going, which made and so on. August 25, 2015, a new team called "Worst Players", a part of which includes the following players in the CIS scene: A Novel "CyberFocus" Crake, Vladislav "arch" whistle, Sergei "spaz" Skripchik Alexander "s1mple" crutch

After graduating from the CIS to the minor ESL One Cologne, "Worst Players" have undergone changes to the team joined Dmitri "Dima" Bandurka, Vadim "DavCost" Anton Vasilyev and "kibaken" Kolesnikov. Two weeks later, data players have decided to pursue a career in the organization of "Arcade eSports" which stands to this day. As for the remaining players, they formed a new top five who were joined by Igor "crush" Shevchenko and Ivan "F1L1N" Semenets, but after a series of disappointing results in online and SLTV Invitational # 1, which was held at the NSC "Olympic". The team left the "F1L1N" and "s1mple", with regard to Alexander, he will play for "Team Liquid" Two major LAN-championship "ECS Season 1" and "ESL One Cologne".

Just yesterday one of the players "Worst Players" - Vladislav "arch" whistling in one of their social networks announced the resumption of the project, and also spoke about the announcement of a new five, which will act under the "WP" tag.

The final composition of the "Worst Players":

Vladislav "arch" Svistov

Roman "CyberFocus" Crake

Savely "jmqa" Bragin

Ilya "fix" Golovko

Igor "crush" Shevchenko