CDEC.Youth perform at Starladder i-League # 2 for Dota 2

23 June 2016

At the moment, are not only qualifying for the biggest championship of the year - The International 6. Statement said Starladder and organizers in conjunction with the Chinese management of the I-league. They reported on the completion of the Chinese qualifying stage for his next championship in the discipline Dota 2. It is worth recalling that this tournament will be held from 21 to 24 July in the US, and a prize pool of $ 300,000.

Do not forget about interesting teams that took part in this qualification: "EHOME", "CDEC", "Newbee.Young" and many other groups. The winners were quite unexpected "CDEC.Youth". It has become unpredictable and holding qualifying round format. The first step was the opening of the qualification to the group stage 4 teams joined. With regard to the group stage, then there are 27 teams divided into 7 groups, but one of them was only 3 human. The best teams on the basis of the group stages through to the play-off, where they are expected to match the format - best of 3.

In the final qualification agreed basic structure "CDEC" and "CDEC.Youth", which are the very young players. However, in a bitter struggle they were able to defeat their opponents and thus won a ticket to the United States. Besides "CDEC.Youth", we will see in this event "", "Digital Chaos", "Fnatic", "Invictus Gaming". And we will have three teams who will be invited to this event.

Composition "CDEC.Youth" command is as follows:

Chen "Xz" Tszechzhi

Van "Ame" Chunyu

He "Inflame" Yongzheng

Chen "Victoria" Guanhun

Juan "ShiKi" Jiwei