Fantastic Five past participants of regional qualifying for Ti6

27 June 2016

That ended last opened to the qualification "The International 6". The winner was the team of the CIS titled "Fantastic Five", beaten in the final of the European mix that has the name "E-lab". An interesting fact is that in a few days to this qualifying stage to the team joined just two players: Paul "9pasha" bouncer, previously known for his performances in "Vega Squadron" Ilya "illidan" Pivtsaev, played for teams such as: "Team Spirit "," "and others.

Thus it is known full list of members of the regional qualification. It is as follows: "Fantastic Five", "Team Secret", "", "Team Empire", "Ad Finem", "FlipSid3 Tactics", "Team Secret", "Escape Gaming", "The Alliance" . Recall that under the tag "Escape" act former players "No Diggity" command. It is very difficult to be "fantastic five" to fight in regional qualifying, because the guys finished the last game in the qualifiers early in the morning and had to sleep just a few hours. However, even despite this, in the first match, they were able to beat "The Alliance", thus have won the first three points in the group stage.

I would like to tell you also about the format of the regional qualifying, 10 European teams were placed in one group, where they will play against each other in a format - best of 1, the best team that takes first place will go to The International 6, while teams from 2nd to 5th place will compete in the grid - play-off (double elimination), matches the format - best of 3, in the grand finale awaits us - best of 5.

The composition of the "Fantastic Five" into a regional qualifications:

Vladimir "yol" Basov

Roman "rmN" Paley

Stanislav "BzzIsPerfect" Silencing

Ilya "illidan" Pivtsaev

Paul "9pasha" Khvastunov