Update CS: GO (25.06.2016): Added label ESL One Cologne Team

27 June 2016

Less than a week remains for the start of the Major Event-called "ESL One Cologne", as the developers have already started to add various cosmetic items in the main game client. The remaining innovations were less dramatic, increased the sound of the firing of weapons: Nova, Sawed Off, and XM1014.

[ESL One Cologne 2016: July 05-10]

- Added stickers teams, autographs, and Pick'em Fantasy games for majeure in Cologne in 2016.

- Added support for third-party authentication of Web sites and applications to manage Pick'em, without running the game client.


- GOTV broadcast community is now reliable to enter and STEAM CS: GO when you start with the parameters + tv_advertise_watchable 1 + tv_relay addr: port.

- GOTV broadcast will now properly transfer their statistical data on the attached proxy servers and clients in order.

- Added cvar used in broadcasts GOTV for encoding.


- Added input and output the sound from the lobby.

- Increased volume of contact for Nova, Sawed Off, XM1014 and shotguns.

- Molotov:

- Fixed a bug where after the death of the player continued to hear the sound of burning Molotov.

- Increased accuracy molotov sound on earth.

- Reduced sound radius ignition Molotov in his hands.


- Added cl_spec_swapplayersides command to change the name of the team to meet the teams sitting on the stage.

- Now the player will be highlighted in yellow or blue, depending for whom being monitored.


- Fixed non-working flex data in studiomdl


- Fixed opening notice in the motd window in the game and on the community servers.

Source and translation of news carried by our colleagues from CSGO.com.