TnC Gaming won a ticket to The International 6

27 June 2016

Largest eSports championship discipline Dota 2, got a party, namely, the Philippine team "TnC Gaming". It is worth mentioning that before the open qualification, which took place from 21 to 24 June, they decided to change the composition, the team joined the famous American player Jimmy "DemoN" Ho. The boys made their way through the qualifying round and won a place on a regional qualification Southeast Asia.

The first three games in the regional qualification Filipinos had a wonderful, beating teams such as the: "Fnatic", which are among the most important and probably the favorites of the tournament, "The Mongolz" - a dark horse, but eventually became outsiders. And also overcame their countrymen from "Execration". However, it soon lost the little-known commands such as: "White Fries" and "Signature.Trust".

After the final 9 matches Statistics Filipinos had 7 wins and 2 losses, but a similar ratio of victories to defeat and had "Fnatic" and "Execration". Thus we expect a replay, which involved these three groups. "TnC Gaming" without any problems outplayed their opponents, thus reached the top spot in the group, which means that guaranteed a ticket to the championship, the biggest - The International 6.

Composition "TnC Gaming" for the upcoming The Intertnational 6:

Sam "sam_H" Hidalgo

Mark "Raven" Fausto

Carlo "KuKu" Palade

Nico "Eyyou" Barcelona

Jimmy "DemoN" Ho