Gamers2 winners ECS Season 1 Finals

27 June 2016

He finished the championship in the discipline CS: GO, titled - ECS Season 1 Finals. This tournament is held on LAN`e, namely in London, it's worth noting that the venue was the stadium "Wembley", where championships are held on such games as football, darts and more.

In the final clash between a very strong team, namely the Five Brazilian "Luminosity" and the French of "Gamers2". "LG" are the clear favorites in this confrontation. Both groups were in group A, but they did not agree among themselves. "Luminosity" without any problems beat the guys from "Ninjas in Pyjamas" and "Team Liquid" thus went without any problems from the group. While "Gamers2" had two series - best of 3, against "NiP" and "Team Liquid". The French were able to overcome this barrier and yet made their way into the play-off, where they were waiting for "Fnatic.

In the semifinals we had to watch the battle between "Fnatic" and "Gamers2", the format of the match - best of 3. The first card was - overpass, which in the past was the best Swedes, but the French have shown a great game and managed to defeat the Swedes with a score of 16 02. After this defeat the Swedes could not move and as a result have lost their place in the grand final, winning 3-4 place.

In the second semi-final we saw a match in which the Brazilians of "Luminosity" no chance defeated "Team SoloMid". And so in the grand final "Gamers2" opposed to "Luminosity". Choosing cards were as follows: dust2, overpass, nuke. The first map - dust 2, the French showed unexpectedly excellent game and took the lead in a row, ending 16:13. In the second, the decisive map - overpass, remember that it is one of the signature card "Luminosity", the Brazilians showed nothing and eventually gave the trophy to the French, who were awarded $ 250,000, while the "LG" - $ 125.000.

The composition of the winners - Gamers2:

Adil "ScreaM" Benriltom

Alexandre "Bodyy" Pianaro

Sedrik "RpK" Goypuz

Richard "shox" Papillon

Edward "SmithZZZ" Dyubordo