Team Secret eighth member of The International 6

27 June 2016

Last night ended replay, playoffs access to the championship in Seattle the first place. It should be noted that just three experienced staff on the basis of 9 meetings have the same statistics 6 wins and 3 losses. These teams have become "Fantastic Five", "Team Secret" and "Escape Gaming". The first meeting agreed replays "Fantastic Five" and "Escape", there is a landslide victory celebrated a European team. Soon the battle joined "Team Secret", in the first match in a bitter struggle they were able to overcome the "Escape Gaming", thus we expect a match between "Team Secret" and "Fantastic Five", if the "fantastic five" would beat "secret "then today we would expect again a circular system matches between the teams, but this time would affect the time for which the game will end.

But the miracle did not happen, and "Team Secret" confidently defeated their rivals from the "F5" and won the coveted slot on the long-awaited and the annual championship of the year in the discipline Dota 2 - The International 6 thus will compete with teams like: "Natus Vincere", " MVP.Phoenix "," LGD Gaming "," Newbee "," OG "," Team Liquid "," TnC Gaming "and" Evil Geniuses ".

It would like to note that "Team Secret 'have changed their composition after the end of The Manila Major in 2016, the team joined Sam" BulBa "Soseyl. I would also like to recall the changes a little earlier. Remembering The Shanghai Major, which was held in the same city of Shanghai, where "secret" became champions, but very surprised by the statement a few days after the victory of "Puppey & co" decided to say goodbye to one of the best Meader -.. Aliva "w33" Omar and Rasmus "MISERY" Filipsenym, who played in offleyne These changes have had an extremely unsuccessful, then no first place "secret" is not won.