FDL - past participants The Summit 5 [Dota 2]

27 June 2016

In the period from 13 to 17 June will be held the championship under the name of The Summit 5 of discipline Dota 2. This tournament is different from others in that it takes place on LAN`e, but in a very unusual place, the home of Studio Beyond The Summit. The winners of last season became the "Evil Geniuses", they were able to beat the "Virtus.pro" in the final, which at that time were still with Airat "Silent" Gaziyev.

Invitation to the fourth season received the following groups: "Natus Vincere", "OG", "Team Liquid", qualifying the winners are commands such as: "Ad Finem" (Europe), "Fnatic" (SEA-region), "Wings" ( China), "Digital Chaos" (America). But the winner of the voting among the community became the US team "FDL", very surprising that they were the last participants of the Event. Team "FDL" little-known past performance is held within the framework of the American regional qualification in the group were very good, even managed to get into the play-off, however, gave way to "Complexity" with a score of 2: 0 and sank to the bottom of the grid, which will be expect your opponent. The loser in a pair of "Digital Chaos" vs "Void Boys" will compete with the team "FDL".

I would like to tell you some of the details of the championship The Summit 5: The prize fund of the tournament is $ 100,000, and the number of participants - 8.

With regard to the composition of the team "FDL", in the line-up includes the following players: Alder "Beesa" Beano, Quinn "CC & C" Callaghan, Wilson "Fronz" Tang, Michael "MJW" Nguyen and Stanley "Stan King" Young said.

Thus, the final list of participants at The Summit 5 is as follows:

Natus Vincere: GeneraL, Dendi, Artstyle, Sonneiko, Ditya_Ra;

OG: n0tail, MoonMeander, Cr1t, Fly, Miracle;

Team Liquid: MATUMBAMAN, JerAx, Kuroky, FATA, Mind_ConTroL;

Digital Chaos: w33, Resolution, Saksa, Misery, Moo;

Ad Finem: Madara, ThuG, MaybeNextTime, SsaSpartan, Skylark;

Wings: Innocence, blink, Faith_biano, iceice, Shadow;

Fnatic: Mushi, MidOne, DJ, 343, Ohayio;

FLD: Beesa, CC & C, Fronz, MJW, Stan King.