Canal e-Sport - the new eSports TV program of Canal+ channel

29 June 2016

On June 27, during the press conference it was announced that the French television station Canal + with the next program year (September) launch a weekly program. At the root of the famous eSports TV channel in France and around the world is well-known director Diego Buñuel. His tweet about creating programs Canal e-Sport also had retwetted by CEO of TV channel Maxime Saada.

Diego Buñuel is known as a film director and creator of the film series National Geographic "Do not Tell My Mother". He also was at the forefront of news transmission on TV Canal +. Diego in 2014 became director of documentary programs on the channel. In Diego's direct contacts with sports organization Team Vitality, which owns the roster in esports disciplines League of Legends, Halo, Call of Duty, as well as some professional players in FIFA. It is not known the direction of the new TV show "Canal e-Sport", what kind of games and tournaments, it will illuminate. But according to reports of journalists close to the leadership of the channel, it will be something else other than an existing game show "Le Journal des jeux video".

Diego Buñuel

- What can you say about the new show on the channel Canal +?

Actually, I worked closely for more than 6 months with a team of journalists who work in certain media. The first thing we did was to sponsorship Team Vitality. This was the beginning of what we love. We are close friends and we want to do something for eSports. Those. in fact we wanted to do a weekly show. It will be something new to TV and the beginning of the growing interest in eSports on Canal +.

- How will you cover the eSports?

I've always been a gamer. And I felt something akin to guilt while I was playing. And I said to myself that I should do something more productive. So today I am very happy, because my love has become a part of my work.

As director of the documentary on Canal + channel I created the film "Game Fever" - a film about the madness of eSports worldwide and particularly in Asia. My wife - a Korean. She told me about it and I felt an immediate connection with the film's characters.

After this, I asked myself: we have in France, too, there eSports. Moreover, France - one of the main countries of eSports. ESports - really something very big in France!

- Could you reveal the more exact format of the show? Share please.

Still a lot of things need to be resolved, we will be working all summer in this direction. Later, closer to September, we will give more detailed information in the press conference. There will definitely be game analysis, analysis of matches, tournaments and the like. It will show the great games that constitute eSports: DOTA, League of Legends, Hearthstone and the like. With the games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty - more difficult, since on television are slightly different regulatory rules than on the Internet.

Yuri Donchenko