Results of the US qualifying for Ti6 [Dota 2]

30 June 2016

Toward morning the day ended with the qualification of the American division, compared to the other qualifying stage on it attended only 7 groups with which it is connected at this point is not known, perhaps, the team from America not up to the tournament level of such magnitude as the The International 6. Very surprised at the appearance of this championship Argentine team "Vultur" significant results are not shown, and flew at the end of the group stage, losing all six matches out of six.

Very pleased "Evil Geniuses", who were able to break into the qualification through open qualifying stage, without any problems overcame all his opponents, lost only "Complexity", but after some time to overcome their replays for an exit from the first place. Let me remind you that the team that won first place in the group stage guarantees a place in the main stage - The International 6. With regard to the teams that took second to fifth place, they will act according to the system of - double elimination (from the bottom of the grid) format matches that - best of 3, and the grand finals - best of 5.

This qualification gives a very spectacular because in the grand final, where the clash between "Digital Chaos and" Complexity "we have seen as many as five cards." DC "very strong start, were able to defeat their opponents on two cards in a row, but later suffered a defeat, thereby" Complexity "leveled the score and in the fifth decisive card -." Digital Chaos "could gather and still get into the main stage of" The International 6 ", it is worth noting that in the" DC "is present Ukrainian player - Roman" Resolution "Fominok, for him it will be the third - The International.