SK Gaming is sold? Rumors and investigation.

01 July 2016

Internet rumors are gaining strength for the sale of the German sports organization SK Gaming football club Bayern (SK Bayern, Munich, Germany). Journalist Richard Lewis (Richard Lewis) in his weekly show The Richard Lewis Show # 11 argues that the transaction structure of the Brazilian cost Luminosity Gaming SK Gaming sufficiently large financial expenses and demands of their compensation. And for this purpose as it needs re-branding sports organization SK Gaming and sales of his Munich Bayern .

Full Richard Lewis video program The Richard Lewis Show # 11

As is known, 24 June SK Gaming management announced an agreement with the Brazilian composition Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Luminosity Gaming on the move the whole team under the control of SK. The Agreement shall enter into force on 1 July 2016. The first tournament, which will hold Gabriel Toledo and the company will ESL One: Cologne in 2016, which will begin on 5 July.

Negotiations on the sale stellar composition Luminosity Gaming (Brazil) were heavy and with the scandal. The Director-General SK Gaming Alexander Müller (Alexander TheSlasH Müller) essentially bribed and players who have had a valid contract with sports Luminosity Gaming organization. CEO, SK Gaming offers players a high salary, training base in the United States, a rare trip to Germany for the main base SK and higher compensation for travel and amortization. Nevertheless, the players will go under the banner of SK. That's just what price he will pay the club?

Transactions eSports organizations with football clubs have become frequent events in recent years. Valencia Spanish and German club Schalke 04 (FC Schalke 04) has created a esports division.

Here is the answer directly from SK Gaming CEO Alexander Muller, distributed Internet project known eSports:

"That's absurd. We are and remain SK Gaming"

However, there are clear theses Richard Lewis reasoning. It is known that Ralf Reichert announced the sale of a minority stake SK Gaming.

"I accepted the offer two weeks ago about selling my share of the minority stake in SK Gaming"

If someone has not stirred up the name of Ralf Reichert, the modestly say that this is the head of the Turtle Entertainment - the company that stands behind ESL. Brothers Reichert - Ralph and Tim Benjamin - SK Gaming was founded as a German clan Quake in 1997. Since 2009, when Alexander Müller began at the helm of the SK, Reichert was not involved in the operational business of the sports organization. He only was the owner of the club.

Accordingly, Alexander Müller has been the founder and shareholder ESL? working as the Director of the 2000 to 2005 marketing and sales. When last year MTG bought a 74% stake in Turtle Entertainment Ralf Reichert, opposing charges in a potential conflict of interest, and sold its stake in SK Gaming. By the way head of eSports division Schalke 04 - brother of Ralph Tim Reichert.

Despite all the rumors, SK Gaming remains SK Gaming. After all, the German club for almost 20 years in business.

Yuri Donchenko