Team "Kaipi" lost one of its players

01 July 2016

Today came the sad news from the camp of the European team, of changes in the Romanian "Kaipi" team, the team said goodbye to Alexander "ComeWithMe" Krasunesku. After "The Manila Major 2016" was announced five, which included including: Veysing "SingSing" Yuan, Pittner "bone7" Armand, Alaa "SexyBamboe" Faraj, Alexander "ComeWithMe" Krasunesku and Kasman "Masakary" Nechifor. However, some time later, the Romanian team has undergone a change, and it happened in front of open qualifications on "The International 6". The team said goodbye to Kasman "Masakary" Nechiforom, and announced the signing of Ludwig "zai" Wahlberg, who announced his retirement, but only for a time and was considered as a part of "Evil Geniuses" as a replacement.

A few days later "EG" announced staffed by five, and went where "zai". "Kaipi" not long remained four, and almost immediately decided to try to play with a player from Israel - not volume "TheCoon" Shapiro. With him the boys held a series of online qualifiers and the like as shown very good results, but today "Kaipi" told that the four of us are, in fact, Alexander left the team "ComeWithMe" Krasunesku. Further playing career at this time is unknown, most likely all the changes we learn after the "The International 6".

Current members "Kaipi" for the next qualification and selection:

Alaa "SexyBamboe" Faraj

Pittner "bone7" Armand

Veysing "SingSing" Yuan

Kasman "Masakary" Nechifor