LGD Gaming participants Nanyang Championship

01 July 2016

The organizers of the "Nanyang Championship" told about the changes in the list of participants in its on discipline Dota 2. Championship is worth mentioning that he will be held from 6 to 10 July in Shanghai. The prize pool of $ 200,000. China is not the best championship for drawing such large monetary rewards. Recall the second Major-Event - The Shanghai Major in 2016, which passed it in China. A lot of lag and inconveniences have been created for players who lost the keyboard, and some teams began to evict from the hotel, even when the championship continued.

We hope that this championship it will all be fixed and we will watch the spectacular competitions in the performance of the top teams. By the way at the expense of them, "Fnatic" will not be able to play at this event, became a cause problems with documents for a visa at one of the players ended. According to the manager of the five Malaysian - Dzhardel "DJ" Mampusti, could not in time to update the passport. The interesting thing is that this may not be the last championship, which will miss "Fnatic", because in the queue More "The Summit 5," but the management assured that will make great efforts to correct these problems. With regard, "LGD Gaming", the level of play at the moment is very mysterious, the guys decided to skip "ESL One Frankfurt in 2016," because of this, the community has caused a large number of questions about the invitation of the Chinese team on "The International 6". Opponents "LGD" will become "Team Secret", "Evil Geniuses", "Newbee", "Team Empire", "Warriors Gaming", and "Digital Chaos".