k0nfig: "Playing in the dignitas greatly influenced my playing career"

04 July 2016

Team Player "Team Dignitas" - Christian "k0nfig" Vineke decided to talk with the journalists of the news portal "HLTV.org". The player told them about the preparation of the team goal. He made predictions for the championship, and also shared views on the cards - Nuke, which has been added to the upcoming championship in Cologne. Recall that the guys from "Dignitas" appear in the group "Gambit Gaming", "Astralis", "CLG Gaming".

The interview is as follows:

- How did you prepare for ESL One Cologne? Was the team before the second bootcamp majeure in 2016?

- No, it was not bootcamp. We trained individual skill.

- You were in "Dignitas" throughout 2016. How do you think the game in the team and against famous teams presented you as a good player?

- I think that the game of "Dignitas" very strong impact on my career as a player. I am very grateful to the organization for the opportunity to play under its wing.

- As reflected in the team care Kjaerbye?

- There was a little depressed, because our main goal then was qualifying for the major. But despite this, we have found a new player, changed the role and here is the result: we are in Cologne!

- What do you think about your group (Gambit, CLG, Astralis)?

- No matter what group we were, our main goal is to break into the Top 8 tournament.

- What are your predictions for the tournament? Can you name the top-4 team ESL Cologne?

- SK, Na`Vi, Dignitas, EnVyUs. I really hope that we will show its best side!

- What do you think about Nuke? Will you play this card?

- I do not know. It is difficult to play, as this new card, recently added to the pool of MAP.