On the eve of Major-tournament ESL One: Cologne 2016. Interview with Gabriel FalleN Toledo, Captain SK Gaming

04 July 2016

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo - Captain SK Gaming (Germany), and the sniper leader in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? a true legend CSGO-community. Besides this team, all of which is part of the former players Luminosity Gaming (Brazil). Along with Gabriel team has come a long way from the establishment in February 2015 until his resounding victory at MLG Major Championship: Columbus in April 2016.

Player Profile LG.FalleN (October 2015)

FalleN and teammates for some time been involved in the scandal around the signature of the contract with SK Gaming during the contract with the Luminosity Gaming. The scandal gained publicity in May 2016. However, it seems that the parties came to an agreement - 24 June sides signed an agreement under which from 1 July Gabriel and his partner protect flag sports organization SK Gaming.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and his comrades - the most dangerous weapon in the upcoming ESL One tournament: Cologne 2016. The team has won these tournaments:

MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016
DreamHack Austin 2016
ESL Pro League Season 3 - Finals
Group A of the tournament ELEAGUE Season 1

- You guys have been at the center of a dispute between the SK and LG, which was undoubtedly stressful for you. But now, after the settlement of the dispute, what is the atmosphere within the team?

In fact, everything is very good. We had an excellent experience and we are focused on Major in Cologne. It's great to feel that all the stress of the week behind us and we are at the beginning of a new chapter.

- Do you feel that the situation has affected your relationship with the fans?

I do not think so. past weeks have been difficult for many of our fans, as well as proper for us. Our fans are really very important for us and I believe they like us as players and as people. I hope that they will join us in this new chapter of history and will continue to support us.

Fun under the name pu1lzler

Group D ESL One: Cologne 2016

- You guys have to Cologne Major acts as the reigning champions after MLG Major. What do you feel about this?

If you look at our team, you will see that no command does not require special representation. The entire tournament will be entirely super heavy. I think it will be the most difficult tournament for us since the establishment of the team and we have to be as focused especially on the first round.

- You've been in the office of SK Gaming and met some people there, your first impressions of how it is: to be a part of SK?

We were greeted very well. Weight behaved very professionally and we can fully focus on the preparation for the tournament. From a personal standpoint, I met people, started to build a relationship. Our first impression - is really very good.

- According to the available information, you guys will be in Los Angeles, but to come to Europe, in the SK office in Germany. Or maybe you will bootcamping in Europe?

We do not want to leave the United States. Our manager Ricardo and his wife Camilla live there and we want to stay with them. I mean that in California a great weather and beautiful beaches, who would have refused. We found a new home in a great location and we will go there after Major.

- So, your last event as a part of the LG was Esports Championship Series Season 1 - Finals, you have not won. What are your main goals is already a part of SK Gaming?

Everyone in Brazil knows SK since the days when they played CPL Brazil vs. MIBR. This is a truly legendary name, and we want to raise it again to the very top, to join the legend.

Yuri Donchenko