eGG - the first 24/7 eSports channel in Southeast Asia

05 July 2016

eGG - an acronym for Every Good Game, and this is the first non-stop e-sports television channel in South-East Asia. July 4 in a press release Astro Malaysia Holdings Holding announced the creation of the channel in HD (High Definition). The new channel will be available for free to customers of Astro in Malaysia and of Tribe in Indonesia .

According to official sources in the channel will be broadcast eGG tournaments and matches of League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Producers are planning to channel the original game content: game step by step guides prohodzheniya games, peer reviews, documentaries, weekly analytical program. Also eGG can be viewed on-demand video from the number already issued telecasts. eGG plan to broadcast on the satellite Measat-3a with parameter 91.5°E.

Comment from the Head of sport direction of Astro Malaysia Holdings Lee Choong Khay:

"Astro Malaysia Holdings was the first broadcaster in the countries of Southeast Asia ACEAN, which is broadcast live main-DOTA Championship in 2015. The International 5. Broadcast TI5 was very popular among the younger generation that provide us to transfer an increasing number of esports tournaments that watched by millions of viewers. We believe that e-sports is most suitable for large screens that fans can enjoy their favorite events eSports profit in Full HD, just like they watch football matches. But unlike a traditional sport where the whole players watch elected for teams and players, eSports -. more randomly here and affection fans greater focus on game content itself we like eSports channel will become the link that will connect fans around the world and in South-East Asia in the first place."

eGG plans already in first gear to present to the audience tournaments such as ECS (Esports Championship Series), ELEAGUE and, of course, The International 2016.

Channel representative also presented a special information on the distribution of e-sports worldwide.

"Today, e-sports is a global phenomenon in the environment of the millennium generation (. Who were born in the years zero 2000) It is expected that the number of fans of eSports to the end of 2016 will reach 256 million people and is the leading driver of Asia, giving 44% growth in. globally. we are all witnesses to the fact that cities such as Shanghai or Manila became the center of major-tournament DOTA 2. We believe that is entirely dedicated to eSports channel will be a success, because we will be in the center of the growing e-sports popularity among fans across the region. eGG Network will take a central role in the communication of the ASEAN community of eSports fans through the global coverage of tournaments and game content in HD. "

Yuri Donchenko