Akke: "These qualifications - is a huge stress"

06 July 2016

Joakim "Akke" Akterall wrote voluminous blog about performance "The Alliance" to qualifying for the "The International 6", more wrote in detail about the final match against the "Escape Gaming", we recall that the Swedes defeated the "Escape" with a score of 3: 1, size match was a - best of 5.

"First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported us during qualification. Support for such a great loyal fans means a lot to us. We always do our best to make you proud of us!

But back to the selection, which we began with the score 0: 2. No one is eager to get into this situation, because in many respects it has a lot of pressure on the team. If there is a feeling that you need to win the next match, you can overdo it and make a mistake. On the other hand, can be too afraid to make a mistake and lose because of it. Fortunately, we've got to turn the tide and win the next 3 games. Yes, we lost those matches which really had to win, but the team was able to concentrate on the next game, draw conclusions from the defeats.

The first map of the Grand finale against the Escape was the craziest. I decided to collect Aghanim's on Wenge, which had never done before, and it worked. The fact that the enemy was the sign in conjunction with Invokerom and Timber, and me in every fight would have to save someone. Scepter gave me the opportunity to stay in timfayte even after death. The match was formed worse and worse for us, when we were able to kill qojqva, who had no redemption, and end the game.

After this card, I decided to restart the computer, since it depends on the moment in one of the fights. It was a mistake, because the updates were waiting for their turn delayed the process for half an hour. Then we had no idea about this, and because administrators simply provide the information, when they said: «Alliance receive punishment 3rd level." We were surprised because we no information from the administration until the penalty ads are not reported. As a result, we had no choice but to use the old spare computer. If they write something like «Alliance, you will get the punishment level 1 in five minutes," I'd just moved to the computer, so that the team did not lose bonus time. Losing it is always unpleasant, but because of the situation we are all left with 20 seconds instead of 130.

Probably, in the rules it was something written about the duration of the break, but it would be nice if more and administrators podskazali.Na second map Escape Gaming resorted to shove, which we could not do anything to stop, so that the first hut down pretty quickly. KheZu: bought Shadow Blade, so as not to delay the game to give s4 splitpushem at Amber, and fight them in the forehead because of the huge amount of healing was impossible. We lost quite a bystro.Na third map to our main enemy was time. In this time we have wanted to push, but Escape Gaming Tinker was for otpusha and Medusa for Leyte. In theory, it could work even if they were able to keep the base before Medusa rasfarmitsya, it would be very difficult to complete. However, while we long to take the barracks, we managed not to sink in gold. EGM even managed to collect Aghanim's and Refresher on Shaman, which facilitated entry to the enemy base. I think the game was equal, and if Tinker scepter managed to kill anyone of us (almost happened a couple of times), then they would probably remove catch up with us using Balanara and take control of the card in their hands. Fortunately, we were able to survive their bёrst and restore his health with the help of Ward Juggernaut and healing Dazzla.

The last card was also fairly equal, but it seemed to me that her course we controlled to a greater extent than the course of the previous three. I was afraid only that Necro gather Aghanim's will kill any of us, leaving no opportunity to redeem hero. In this case, it would be easy to bear to destroy our base, but this is not reached. Leach was able to crush Slardara Khezu in the early game, so a lot of Escape Gaming Pharma was only in qojqva, and we have - in all core-heroes. Loda played the role of playmaker at login, so that s4 and AdmiralBulldog had more gold, but Void still had enough farming to be a threat to teamfight.

After contact with TI, I was relieved. Such qualifications - is a huge stress, and I'm glad he's back, and that we can concentrate on the tournament. In the next two weeks, we will participate in the Global Grand Master. The format includes the upper and lower grid, and I think it would be great to play official matches to stay in shape.