"Alpha Gaming" left without CS: GO-ended

06 July 2016

According to one of the players "Alpha Gaming" - Danny "BERRY" Kruger organization "Alpha Gaming" stopped cooperation with his staff in the discipline CS: GO. 26-year-old said that the composition was unable to agree with the organization about the conditions. Recall that in this composition: Mathias "Maziaz" Hansen, Nikolai "Niko" Christensen, Nicholas "holzt" Canvas, Jacob "JUGI" Hansen and Danny "BERRY" Kruger guys joined the organization "Alpha Gaming" in March and could even break the championship under the name "Copenhagen Games", which is traditionally held in Denmark. Statements were made by the players there very badly, took place 13-16, and perhaps the organization has already begun to appear questions to the players.

Danny "BERRY" Krueger also noted that currently the situation in the team is positive, they will continue to play together, and said that they are now engaged in search of a new organization, while the management of "Alpha Gaming" determined quickly with his future CS : GO-composition, the organization decided to sign a composition "Eastern Vikings".

A small comment from Danny "BERRY" Kruger:

"We decided to leave the" Alpha Gaming ", because we could not agree on new terms that both sides would be satisfied"

"Our journey does not stop, we will continue to play this composition, and at the moment we are looking for a new organization to represent it on the CS: GO-stage.

"Anyone who is interested can contact me in the social network Twitter: (@BERRYCSGO) or by e-mail at ([email protected])."