LighToOfHeaven: "Natus Vincere is not enough stability in operations."

06 July 2016

A well-known commentator and analyst studio "Dota2RuHub", as well as a professional player in the past - Dmitry "LighToOfHeaven" shared his opinion about the importance of coaches for the teams, and also told what is missing "Natus Vincere", to beat such famous teams as " Team Liquid ", OG".

Full interview:

- Do you think, about now the spirit of winners that prevailed in the team when you played in the Natus Vincere?

- God only knows what's up with the spirit of the boys. Previously, we experienced a severe famine tournament (Event was much smaller than it is now) and each championship came with great motivation. It was time to prepare, after that money began to affect the life, well and also became mediality sense of self-worth raising. Now there is enough money, the media have too much + tournaments. Lost one - no question, after 2 days are going to play another :).

- Which of the game Na`Vi style you give preference to: the old or current?

- Old (Puppey + 4 CIS-player) is stronger than the new look (5 players in the CIS). Then there was an incredible mixture of academic Dota 2 (macro) and micro strongest team in the game. We complemented each other perfectly as a songwriter and leader.

- If we evaluate players, what position do you prefer to be improved?

- Improve Picker position and coordinator. As mentioned in many blogs, we all know how to press the buttons, the performers - the mass. It remains to work on strategies and team work.

- What's missing from the team in order to beat the level teams and OG Team Liquid?

- Stability in the actions. Quote OG: «Navi - random shit» (the strategic plan). As long as we peak the set of random tangles, the other team is dominated by automating actions and gain a command of the game. They already know that they are stronger, where their weak points, which should be avoided. And our kids usually learn during the game, revealing the worst and the best aspects of its peak: D. Hrosho example - the last major, game against OG content, where typing a combination of a late game

Tinker Tinker, the guys went to a frontal attack to the 25th minute and suffered a fiasco. Then they learned how to play better, but the initiative has passed into the hands of OG.

- Do you agree with the list of invites? The new system, which involves an invitation only 6 teams, better than the old?

- Good to see natural selection. One invite champions, and let them do with it what they want. Perhaps one invites to the region:

America and all those who are close to her;


China (Chinese just very much, and always will be more on tournaments :);


CIS - deserves a separate qualifying stage. We are many and we continue to actively grow. Considering the intensity of this process, we can assume that in the future we will have every chance to get this slot. Also I will add that I am a big fan of qualifications. It will be much better if all 15 teams will undergo natural selection and, I emphasize, the best get to the tournament. Watch the game then it becomes much more interesting.

- Do you see yourself on the player's position in the near future? Or do you want to devote themselves to the work of an analyst and commentator?

- I see myself sixth player (as it is in Counter-Strike). While still not clear why such a ban to do in Dota 2 and at the same time allowed in CS.

- What do you think about the work of the coach? Do I need a man like Born to Win?

- I am sure, a good coach will be useful to all. It remains only to wait for the ripe coaches, the organization and the players. In the coach has the power, authority and capacity. Everything seen in 5-6 years: coaches - they are friends, pals and just guys who share their opinion (in the real sport as they have more opportunities). A great example - Jotm (talking with his permission) on the last qualifying TI's, "coached" "Imperial". He gave the children a useful info, but they told him: "Thank you, Yegor, we'll do it in his own way."

- Do you agree with the statement that the strongest team at the moment, OG content, played only by one player?

Fly - a great captain, and coordinator of the picker. The amount of work he performs for his children, not really seen the viewer (as long as we do not allow the recording of the booths, where they could listen to the players). However, after observing for this team, it became clear that he - the core of this team. The second utility - Miracle-. This is one of the best performers :).

- Managed Na`Vi would pass the qualifying stage, if not received the invitation?

- The odds were high. The team at the time was in decent shape, and the Alliance (and the Swedes won a slot), she won the Major.

- January 2015, on Starladder, you said that if the team wins MVP, you get back in eSports. When will you return?

- Sometimes people tear out phrases out of context to create a sensation and "raise their mediality". In addition, the expression still need to add «Starladder» (I emphasize, that the tournament at the time, and not any other). The Koreans lost, and I freely sighed, glad that our boys can still win :).

- You commented on some games open qualifying round TI 2016. Can it be said that the overall level of the game has grown in comparison with what was in the last season?

- The level is growing every day. While Dota 2 is developed with each passing moment the players improve their skills. However, today the focus is on the micro (due to this you get into the highlight of, become "cool" + your price increases), but also ever come close to.

- You said that this patch you like more unpopular characters, such as Troll. What other characters can "shoot" at the upcoming tournament?

- Magnus Magnus, Razor Razor, Necrophos Necrophos, Troll Warlord Troll Warlord- all four great spread in the melee. A bit complicated (Magnus especially remember how OG team defeated Na`Vi with him), but they can turn into a dangerous weapon with persistent training.

- Community Pit Lord is waiting for more than a year. What do you think, whether it will be this year? And if so, how to change the meta with him?

- Strangely it protects the base and mass teleportation too good. There will come a long era of games.