DkPhobos: "Nice to see its relevance to the figures"

06 July 2016

Fashion for a variety of blogs has increased, not so long ago we informed you that the ex-captain "" - Artem "fng" Barshak told about all the events that were to qualifying for The International 6. And today, an interesting thought posted on his blog, offleyner team "Polarity" - Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucher, we recall that the "polar" lost financial sponsor in the person of "" and at the moment most likely are looking organization. Alexander explained the importance of the team and how they should treat their fans.

For more information on the blog:

. "The general discussion on the topic:" The buyer and the seller, club and competition eSports team and the people who are watching the game etc. "There is a perception that the team without fans - it's nothing Movies or TV show without an audience - nothing Football club without fans.. ? Yes, who needs it Why do ordinary people are engaged and everything is simple:? everyone wants bread and circuses and now we shall understand this in order..

1. Bread

What do you think if the players get a lot of e-purchases or these things in Dota 2? How many actors get from popcorn sales in the cinemas? How many players get from the sales of beer and hot dogs at the stadiums?

No, niskolechko. Purchase of all - it is primarily personal interests. Get sharp and high-quality clothes, have a good time (to buy and drink pivasom), fill the stomach and other delicious food. Separately, I note the compendium, as it is not entirely confirmed the concept above. Now the prize fund is formed from 25% of sales of electronic items and, yes, the people directly involved in raising the prize pool. In fact, the same everywhere. In any industry entrepreneurs expect mat. prospects for their sales and their profits estimated, on this basis, they may form some plans, prize pool and more. Roughly speaking, whether the 25%, it would have been about the same. There would be more than the sum of the prize round.

Why does such a scheme in e-sports, and in other sectors more simple?

Firstly, it is steeper and demonstrations, nice to see its relevance to the figures. Secondly, it is more accurate (and do not need to specifically calculate the mat. Expectations and afraid to be trapped). Third, it is technically more correct and possible (since everything goes through the Internet). In short, Valve in this regard made a step forward.

Rags, lvl in the compendium, plush toys people buy because they are really good quality. Nobody buys it for the purpose of spices to increase the prize fund.

1. Many pro players Donati hundreds of dollars to get the right rags in DotA or buy fun Souvenir, without even thinking that they discourage it on the prize money.

2. Not long ago, we participated at the summit, where they were almost all top teams. The prize fund for the tournament has grown by 10%. Lighting and tournament format targeted to the viewer, and in general everything is very unusual and fun. At a certain day I went update Dota 2 - added chest on a Canada Cup, where no one really did not play out tops. FOR 1 or 2 NIGHTS prize of Canada Capa Summit surpassed almost in 2 times!

Here you have the support)

2. Spectacle

All somehow want to spend time. Everyone has different interests. Whether you're watching a good movie or a bad, good team play or not - you already occupy their leisure time. You already get a minimum satisfaction. From what you have seen and will depend on your actions: if you expect to continue the series, following the team games, send everything to hell, or even neutral, continue to watch everything as it is, bringing at least some share of interest, killing time. It is clear that it would be desirable to have a more pleasant aftertaste of all this, the film was interesting, the teams played brightly and eventually partner was more enjoyable. From this and there is a grading system, satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

But its share of emotions you will get in any case.

3. Professional side

Of course, there are often a loyal audience that has their pets or their scapegoats. They - those who increase your motivation to work harder, added strength in difficult moments, remind us that there are people who not only looks, but also a sick! It is, so to say, the additional gain, but not the foundation of everything. For the organization of this important and loyal audience that is more likely to buy command attributes (which, by the way, especially in the CIS is not) and which can show sponsors.

As people get in return?


I even think that the main engine of the CIS eSports, Anton Snow, doing it all in no small part to produce emotion than by severe calculation. Moreover, both positive and negative emotions make you feel alive. Sharing joy or leaving angry comments, people, first of all, get satisfaction from this.