"SK-Gaming" and "Team-X" disqualified with "ELEAGUE Season 1"

07 July 2016

"ELEAGUE" organizers today announced that the list of participants slightly decreased, namely, immediately left the league two teams: "SK-Gaming" and "Team X". This is due to a disqualification, the reason named Commissioner of the tournament - Mick-Sik Koh argued the decision, as the player moves from one organization to another does not comply with the rules of the championship - "ELEAGUE". What is this team and why so much noise around them, will try to answer in this newsletter. The fact that the organizers have made it on the one hand the error and on the other a very correct and vymerennoe decision.

"Team X", is a former part of the organization "SK-Gaming", which appeared in the championship "ELEAGUE", Danish composition of the group has finished on the third line, which allowed him to compete for a passage to the next stage, in the format "Last Chance". Start is scheduled for July 13th. As for the "SK-Gaming", then under the colors of the German company serves Brazilian Five of "ex-Luminosity", the guys signed a contract action, which began with the first of July.

I would like to explain why this is a bad decision from the organizers: the main reason in my opinion is that the "SK-Gaming (ex-Luminosity)" top team, the grand world-CS: GO and has a large fan base, and that's a plus in popularity for the championship . But there is another side to the coin: the organizers showed their character, about the change of organizations during the World Cup, perhaps intimidated by the other groups not to repeat mistakes.