"God", No[O]ne" and "Silent" in the same team? Are the rumors are justified?

07 July 2016

Interesting information shared Alexei "Solo" Berezin on one of the broadcasts on twitch.tv, the player announced the formation of a new team, a part of which we will be able to see Sergei "God" Bragin, Airat "Silent" Gazieva and Vladimir "No [O] ne "Minenkova. Recall that "Virtus.pro" parted with their Dota 2 composition, and thus "God" became a free agent, as for the other two players, they play and defend the banner of their organizations. As for Airat, the Russian player defends the banner of "Polarity", which a few days ago lost their sponsor - "Virtus.pro", and "No[O]ne" in turn, is already playing for a year for "Vega Squadron".

This information is only rumors, as soon as the official information we will report it first. I would like to remind you that players can enter into the new composition "Virtus.pro", but it will be no earlier than the first of August, as the CEO multgeyminga "bears" - Anton "Sneg" Cherepennikov said that the news about the team roster will be no earlier than the beginning of August.

Airat "of Silent" Haziyev highlighted an interesting fact, as Sergei "for God" Bragin Vladimir "No [O] ne" Minenkov occupy the center line, but the Ukrainian is also good shows itself in the role of Kerry, do not forget about the fact that Airat since " Team Empire "takes it farmyaschuyu role. Recall that reshafly the CIS scene, is likely to appear after the end of "The International 6", very failed CIS team in qualifying, as only one team will perform at the biggest championship of the year - "Natus Vincere", "Born to Win" won invitation.