Interview with Fernando fer Alvarenga: Counter-Strike is our life

11 July 2016

After the victory in the triumphant match Grand Finals ESL One Cologne 2016 in Cologne, Germany is one of the participants of SK Gaming fer winning team gave an interview to the leading eSports online edition. He spoke about the strength of his team, that has no equal in the world of today and of the future plans.

- Immediately after winning the ESL One Cologne Major in the Grand Final of the Team Liquid Fernando fer Alvarenga was interviewed. fer, how are you?

Man, I do not know what to say. I'm really happy. We have been preparing very hard for this major. We arrived in Germany just before training camp bootcamp in SK Gaming. And I'm very proud of my team, they played really hard. I did not play very well in this series, but it's okay, you can not play well on each map. But my team was amazing and I'm very happy.

- I remember the last Major (MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016), when you behaved very emotionally. You're even a little cry of joy on stage ...?

Yes, I never cry, but at the last Major in Columbus, then it was just a lot to me. Because we have been the most difficult thing in our lives and become champions. And at that moment I started to cry, did not even know what to say ...

- Does your family support you today?

No, my family had only just gone to the US for ESL New York.

- Have you talked to them with Skype?

Of course, they called me and I talked to my mom and dad. They all cried with joy. All - very happy.

- You talked about the preparation, but you guys have done everything very easily in the Grand Final. Can you share how it happened?

It was a team from North America and we are very much prepared to play with them. Those. we knew what they were doing, and they know that we can. But I think peacemaker coach (coach of Team Liquid, Luis Tadeu) - a good coach and he has taught Liquid. I think, Team Liquid team stands out among the rest. They are stronger and much more considerate in terms of technology. But it was our day and my team played very well. So we did it easily!

- It's hard to predict anything, because you have already won two consecutive Major, but still now, that will be the next point for you?

Ahead of the sky and it is without borders. We are here to win - we left our family in Brazil. We live this game, we go out to eat alone, we are talking only about the Counter-Strike because CS - this is our life. If we left our family left our country, our friends, the girls and all that, we only need the game to be happy.

- After winning the first Major Have you bought something special? Well, for example, you went to Disneyland?

No, no. I gave all my money to my parents and they took care of them.

- Even after such a crushing victory you still disqualified for ELeague. What can you say about this?

I can not talk about it. But we are sorry because we won the spot (in the Playoffs) and were removed from the tournament. It is not well for us, but if they have made a choice, well ... okay.

- But you guys are going to come back for revenge in the second season, right?

Yes, I hope so.

- Well, well .. Good luck! And congratulations again!

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