"Ninjas in Pyjamas" their disastrous performance and other ESL One Cologne in 2016 the results of [the third day]

12 July 2016

Let the small results of the third day's play, in which we observed the key matches, the game data is crucial for reaching the group runners-up, as well as losing teams complete their performance at the tournament. Today we were in quite a number of sensations, such as "FlipSid3 Tactics" could beat "Ninjas in Pyjamas".

So, we go to games, opening today was the opposition between the "Astralis" and "Dignitas", the day before this match, it was announced that the Danish team "Astralis" act without one of its key players - Peter "dupreeh" Rasmus, so as a player was forced into surgery to remove apendiksa. He was replaced by coach - Danny "zonic" Sorensen, and after the match, we can conclude that he showed himself perfectly. "Astralis" beat "Dignitas" in a bitter struggle, thus "karrigan" and its structure took place in the quarter-finals, where the Danes have to fight against "Virtus.pro". Will the Danish composition of two substitutions to break into the top four of the tournament, the Major will see tomorrow.

The second meeting today, was confrontation between the "FlipSid3 Tactics" and "Ninjas in Pyjamas", namely the Swedish team is the clear favorite. Choosing cards: overpass, cache, mirage. The first map - overpass, both teams showed a very equal game, but in a bitter struggle won the first map of the Swedes celebrated with a score of 16:14. The second card was the - cache, on it we saw that "NiP" is clearly not prepared to "FlipSid3" and finally Ukrainian team won the cache, and thus moved the game to the third, decisive card - mirage. The match ended in victory for "FlipSid3", a very good performance demonstrates the CIS teams, as already 3 teams made their way into the quarter-finals and guaranteed themselves participate in the next tournament, the Major.

As for the confrontation between the "MouseSports" and "Team Liquid", the analysis there is almost nothing, the Americans showed themselves confident and deservedly won a ticket to the quarterfinals, where he played against "Natus Vincere". Very interesting confrontation awaits us between these teams.

The final match of today has become a game between "Fnatic" and "FaZe Clan", the choice of cards was as follows: cache, mirage. dust 2. A very strong start of the Europeans "FaZe" in the attack, were able to lead with a score of 7: 0, but later one of the players "FaZe Clan" broken monitor, because this issue has been a very long pause, after which the "Fnatic "we were able to come together and overcome their opponents with a score of 16:09. On mirage special problems of the Swedish team guys "FaZe Clan" is not made, so tomorrow, "Fnatic" will compete against "Gambit Gaming".