WickedSick and AltaOda and joined the "Natus Vincere"

12 July 2016

Portal organization "Natus Vincere" announced that the organization has signed a contract with Victor "WickedSick" Dёgtyarevym and Igor "AltaOda" Sayganovym. These personalities are very display ads, for a very long time, they spend their stream-broadcast on Twitch.tv platform, formerly "WickedSick" dabbled into another - hitbox.tv, but due to poor views, he decided to return to a proven platform Twitch.tv.

Also do not forget that both of them are known not only for video content, the guys worked on the LAN-finals WePlay as analysts. After the end of the championship, Victor said that he would not return to this area of activity, while Igor was interested more. Plus, AltaOda was invited to the qualifying coverage to The Manila Major in 2016, he tried his hand as a commentator.

Comments newcomers about the announcement of "Natus Vincere", that's what he said Igor "AltaOda" Saiganov:

"I am very pleased to cooperate with Natus Vincere. I look forward to productive work and, of course, meet all expectations! Ready to feel the spirit of Born to Win entirely! Perhaps I could share it with you! "

While Victor "WickedSick" Dёgtyarev told the following:

"I am immensely pleased that join the ranks of Natus Vincere! To represent such a well-known organization of the CIS - a great pride and honor for me. I've always been very interesting to watch the development of Na`Vi, for the way the organization builds its own history, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this team. Bandits, and with you, we will certainly meet on my stream, dedicated to Dota 2 and other games! "