Natus Vincere and FlipSid3 completed performance at ESL One Cologne 2016

12 July 2016

It is a bad day for the CIS teams, in comparison with yesterday's match, where Ukrainian team "FlipSid3" was able to beat the giants of the Swedish CS: GO-scene - "Ninjas in Pyjamas", they have not allowed the Swedes to leave the group. While previously "Natus Vincere" and "Gambit Gaming" guarantee themselves access to the play-off, having won their first lines in the group stages.In the quarter-finals clash between the following groups: Natus Vincere vs. Team Liquid and FlipSid3 played against SK Gaming. As for the match between the teams Na`Vi, both of the team were confident. Na`Vi took the decision to play train, while Team Liquid tried themselves to nuke, the decisive card was - cbble. In the "Train" Ukrainian players performed well in defense, took 5 rounds and after the transition showed very cool protection, completing this card in their favor with a score of 16:11. O

On the nuke was very equal fight, both teams tried to win, but luck this time was on the side of the Americans, and they were able to defeat Na`Vi and moved the game to decide third card - cbble. On cobblestone failed "Natus Vincere", showed the terrible defense, the result 16:06 in favor of "Team Liquid", thus the Americans are in the semifinals, while the "Na`Vi" sensationally finished the performance at this championship.

As for the match, "SK Gaming" and "FlipSid3", then all was less spectacular, but I would like to thank the team for its excellent performance in the group stage for the first time since the boys made their way into the play-off. The first map - mirage (choice of SK Gaming), "FlipSid3" looked nervous and lost with a score of 16:07. But on the second map - nuke (choice "FlipSid3") players showed their maximum, but unsuccessfully, Alexander showed himself "Shara" Gordeev. Ukrainian team held on to overtime, but we are following children rounds is not enough, and they finished their matches at this tournament and won 5-8 place in the ESL One Cologne 2016.