ESL One Cologne 2016: Team Liquid in the final, Fnatic went home

12 July 2016

A few minutes ago I ended in semi-final, in which the clash between "Fnatic" and "Team Liquid". This match was equal to the final on the number of strategies, excellent shooting. But "Fnatic" shown on the first map - cobblestone, utter contempt for the opponent, and ran a farm Ganas (weapons, which have a low cost and is used when the players economic rounds for this US team was able to punish their opponents and they went out. . ahead on the cards with the score 1: 0 second was - cache, the choice of the team "team Liquid", most of the games Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev spent it on this card.

Americans began to be protected, showed a confident defense, with a score of 11:04 over the first side and the Swedes fell slightly, and move, and they were not at all know was a bad day for most players, and specifically in such top leaders as Olof " olofmaister "Kayber and Robin" flusha "Ronkvest. Perhaps, after the end of the championship in Cologne, we expect a change in the composition, but in my opinion very few Swedish players who can replace such a prominent legends. It is a sad fact that this is the last tournament for Alexander "s1mple" Kostyleva as a player "Team Liquid", as the Ukrainian does not want to pursue a career in America. Perhaps, after the victory at this championship his opinion will change, but it will see tomorrow in the grand final, between "Team Liquid" and "SK Gaming", confirm whether the Brazilians their superiority? Interesting question, the answer to which we learn after two or three cards.