"Iceberg" play for "Vega Squadron" in the Global Grand Masters

12 July 2016

Today, the match started at 21:30 Moscow time in the championship Global Grand Masters, between "The Alliance" and "Vega Squadron". Just yesterday, we told you that one of the players ended Ukrainian "sharks" of health problems. Namely Meader team - Vladimir "No [O] ne" Minenko could not help his team in the semi-final against the Swedish top five "The Alliance".

The replacement was made by other less eminent Meader the CIS scene - Bogdan "iceberg" Vasilenko, previously played for "Team Spirit", now the "Polarity" team player, he joined in mid-June. Do not forget about the rumors that appeared about 4 days ago. They are one of the key players in "Vega Squadron" - Alex "Solo" Berezin said about the possible creation of a new team, which will include players such as Sergei "God" Bragin, Airat "Silent" Haziyev Vladimir "No [O] ne "Minenko. Confirm whether the rumors that we will see a new team in the vast CIS stage will see very soon.

Proceed directly to the tournament - Global Grand Masters, organized by - Prodota.ru, championship prize pool of $ 50,000. The winning team will be awarded $ 25,000. In addition to "The Alliance" and "Vega Squadron" for the top prize will compete: "Ad Finem", "Team Liquid", "Team Empire" and "Escape Gaming".