"Gamers2" go to ELEAGUE with replacement [CS: GO]

14 July 2016

Five of the French under the banner of "Gamers2" forced to go to Atlanta, this city will be the venue ELEAGUE, namely the "last chance-grid". Matches begin July 13 at 01:00 will be the opening of the confrontation between the "Renegades" and "FlipSid3 Tactics". As for the "Gamers2", then they change the line up: Sedrik "RpK" Goypuz not be able to visit America since doctors recommended he get rid of any overshooting in the near future, for the normal operation of the eardrum. It is worth noting that the ears are one of the key subjects in e-sports.

The replacement Sedriku "RpK" Goypuz spoke French a young and promising player - Simon "fuks" Florisak, he is known for his performances in the team "LDLC.White". Likely choice at Simon fell because, "Gamers2" is present such as the French player - Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro, which is young "G2" blood and novice. Previously, "bodyy" played with "fuks" team "LDLC.White" and had them become to win the LAN-tournament championship - ASUS ROG Winter 2016.

Will the French show guys play better than on "ESL One Cologne 2016", where "Gamers2" could not get out of the group, possibly in the case of a good game, Simon can continue career in the French top five.

Comments newcomer "Gamers2" - Simon "fuks" Florisaka about his move to "Gamers2" for the tournament "ELEAGUE":

"To go from G2 to ELEAGUE -. A great honor for me, I know that fully replace RpK will be difficult, but I will do everything to achieve a result and go up to his best form."

Composition "Gamers2" for the coming ELEAGUE Season 1:

Richard "shox" Papillon

Edward "SmithZZZZ" Dyubordo

Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro

Adil "ScreaM" Benriltom

Simon "fuks" Florisak